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Serenicity referenced at UGAP

January 22, 2021

Serenicity joins the UGAP-SCC multi-publisher catalog and becomes a privileged partner in the fight against cybercrime for the State, local authorities and hospitals.

UGAP supports public policies and offers solutions to fight cybercrime to all local authorities, the hospital sector and the State. To complete its offer, the central purchasing office has added to its catalog the solutions of Serenicity, a specialist in cybersecurity. A simplified access from the catalog of UGAP catalogue on this link: See the editors

After 3 years of research and development, we offer innovative tools for analysis and filtering in real time of your information system of your information system and your computer park. An analysis of logs, a filtering of networks, a protection of your public wifis, your town halls, your schools, your your hospitals.

Take back the control of your computer system in all simplicity. We work closely with the SDLC (Sub-Directorate for the Fight against Cybercrime) of the DCPJ (Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire), the Ministry of the Interior and the ANSSI (National Agency for Information System Security). Join the many companies and communities already equipped and protected.

This Serenicity software solution belongs to the SCC library of editors, holder of a contract with the UGAP. UGAP._

About UGAP

UGAP, the only national generalist public procurement agency, is a specific player in public procurement whose global activity 5 billion euros excluding taxes in 2020. It meets the needs of all public sector organizations(1) regardless of their size or order value. UGAP operates on a purchase-for-resale basis and thus ensures the commercial throughout the purchasing process, from quotation to invoicing. Its clients can access, without having to contract(2) , to more than one million references. Through the purchases it makes, UGAP is a tool for the implementation of public policies. 78% of the companies holding a contract are SMEs and ETIs. 77% of contracts include a CSR provision. UGAP is awarded the "Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing" label by the Médiation des Entreprises and the National Purchasing Council. For more information:

(1) Its clients are local authorities, government agencies and public establishments, the social sector and public social sector and public health establishments. (2) Any public purchaser who contacts UGAP is exempt from from its obligations of advertising and competition. The clients of the central purchasing office can therefore access immediately, without having to conclude any contract, to the whole of its offer.

About Serenicity

Serenicity strengthens the security of information systems of small, medium and large organizations by developing innovative, collaborative and sovereign solutions. Serenicity's ambition is to provide the greatest number of of the precision security necessary to protect IT resources.